by Guillaume

Welcome to shop ‘Arc en Ciel’. Check out some of the great items in our shop below. We have t-shirts and clothing with our very own logo, so that you can show your support by wearing our gear and taking us on your travels. Our clothing range is made with organic cotton or recycled polyester fibres and is sustainably produced supporting fair trade. Even the ink is non- toxic! To learn more just click on the items below.

The other products in our shop are all items that we love because they are just so dam good for the planet. There are some neat ways of reducing single use plastic waste and some great products made from recycled plastic.

We have included some of the things that we use every day on the boat, items that we have spent time and effort researching to try to find the most suitable products for us and we think may be of interest to others too.

For some of these products we might have received free samples or a discount in the price of purchasing them. But we are only advertising them because we genuinely believe that they are a good product. Either good for our lifestyle, good for the planet or ideally both!

If you too would like to purchase one of the products from this page, when you click on the link we will sometimes receive a small commission. This is at no extra cost to you, but will help keep us afloat a little longer and help to put a little cash in the boat fund so that we can continue producing videos and articles and to keep the journey going.

If you don’t need it, don’t buy it…but if you do, thank you for looking and purchasing through our site.