Osteopathy for all - Osteopathy without borders

We are both osteopaths by profession. Although we have sold our practices and packed away our white coats, we are still passionate about our vocation. Osteopathy is both a philosophy and an art. As we travel we are often informing people on what osteopathy is and what we do.

 Osteopathy was developed by Andrew Taylor Still, a physician and surgeon in the United States of America in the mid-1800s, who established the first independent school of osteopathy in 1892.
As Osteopath’s we use our hands and a precise palpation, or touch, to diagnosis our patients and in our treatment. We first examine a patient to see if we are able to carry out a treatment or if they need to be referred to have further examinations.
We look at the relationship of body, mind and spirit in health and disease. We aim to find the cause any imbalance by looking at the structure of the body, its mobility and how it is functioning.
We believe that the body contains all it needs within itself to self-heal and that all the parts of the body are interrelated. We aim to manipulate the body to allow its own self healing mechanisms to function optimally. We don’t prescribe drugs or medications.
Osteopathic practitioners use a wide variety of therapeutic manual techniques to improve the body’s function. We treat the musculo-skeletal system, the muscles and bones of the body, their attachments of ligaments and tendons and the fascia, an enveloping tissue, that surrounds them. We have a direct effect on the circulation, the lymphatic, visceral and neurological systems.
We treat with massage, manipulation and gentle techniques that focus on releasing tensions in the head (the cranium), the internal organs (the viscera) and throughout the body. Osteopathy is gentle form of healing that can be used on all ages from the newborn baby to the very elderly. We adapt our method of treatment to the patient and treat the whole body, not just the symptomatic area. We combined our treatments with advice, for example on diet, physical activity and posture and exercise.
Osteopathy is practiced in many countries throughout the world. In some countries, manual therapists use osteopathic techniques and claim to provide osteopathic treatment, although they may not have received proper training.
We are both UK trained osteopaths from the European School of Osteopathy, in Maidstone, England. We graduated in 2002 and have been practicing in private practice in England, France, French Polynesia, Portugal and continue to practice throughout our travels.
As we travel we work in a voluntary capacity or by way of donation or trade. We enjoy the exchange with different cultures and the opportunities that come from sharing our knowledge and expertise. We plan to make small documentaries on this subject. Follow us on our Youtube channel!