Talks in local schools and local actions

We believe that through joining children together of different cultures we can encourage them to think about the world they live in. We hope that this might make children appreciate what they have. Make them aware that they are part of a larger world and that other cultures exist and that there are many different ways of living and essentially we are all the same.

We decided to visit our local schools and include them in our travels. Not only will this be a good lesson in geography, but we hope that they will take an interest in the way that we travel. How we conserve energy and water on the boat and the impact of environmental change on the marine life and areas we visit.

We wish to teach them the importance of looking after the environment, that water has a value and how they too can conserve it. We wish to make them conscious of their use of plastic and the need to recycle and dispose of it correctly.

We hope to do this in a fun way, giving them too the opportunity to travel and see the world so that so they realise how they can be directly involved and implicated in helping make ecological decisions at a young age.