A Passion for travel - How it all began...

We met at university during our studies and although we come from a very different backgrounds and cultures, we fell madly in love. Guillaume was born in France and left on a sailboat to travel around the world with his family when he was only 8 months old. Jo grew up in a little english village and had no experience in sailing.

After our studies in Osteopathy in the UK, we went to work in Britany (France) and renovated Peter Pan, a little wooden sailboat in our garden. The freedom of living aboard, catching our own food and being in nature was a real revelation. We enjoyed it so much that we started to make plans for bigger adventures.

Peter Pan
Rebelle Showing off
New paint job for Rebelle
In the San Blas
Working with the smile
Before the big crossing

In 2006, we left Europe for Central America with just enough savings to buy and renovate Rebelle, a 9 m sailboat, that had been abandoned. After 6 months of hot sweaty labour we set sail towards Guillaume’s dream to reach the Pacific.

We traveled down the east coast of central America, then crossed the panama canal to join the pacific ocean. After stopping in the Galapagos and Marquises islands we settled during 8 years in Raiatea, French polynesia. Although our lifestyle in the Pacific was idealic, Jo felt the urge to spend more time closer to family.

We decided to sell our boat and business and return to europe. After 5 months backpacking in south east asia we arrived in France with a new project: to renovate a campervan and find a new home. We travelled through France, Spain, Marocco and finally settled in Lisbon, Portugal where Juliette our daughter was born.

A year later, we were faced with a difficult decision to make. Stay in Lisbon and continue building up a successful business or leave everything once again and sail away. We were given the opportunity to inherit Guillaume’s family catamaran that couldn’t be looked after anymore. Money VS Freedom? In the end we chose to go back travelling and leave financial security. What are our priorities in life? What makes us happy?

We decided to live in the moment, in simplicity, closer to nature and both be 100% present in bringing up Juliette.

Panama Canal
Half way
Galapagos encounter
27 days at sea
My friend the seal
Fatu Hiva, Marquisean paradise

In 2017, we returned back to French Polynesia to continue Arc en ciel’s journey west.

So thats it! Our story in a nutshell!

We hope you enjoy reading and seing some of our stories and adventures. We hope that you might become involved in some of our projects and that through our travels and experiences you might share with us a greater connection with this beautiful planet.

We truly believe that travelling shouldn’t be an escape but a way of exchanging knowledge and experiences with other cultures.

Please, feel free to follow us and our projects.

Marquisean Tiki
Our Polynesian wedding